My goal as an artist/producer/performer is to observe, sense, create, integrate and promote bits of apparently dormant information into something plausible for the masses. 


After experiencing life navigating through several countries both academically and professionally I came to realize that embracing all cultures and interacting within their terms at the same time keeping your core culture alive within oneself and be humble about learning more is the key to survival for nomads like me.  By the time I turned 23 I had already lived in 3 different countries and learned 3 languages.


After graduation, I have been working for 7 years in Advertising/Communications industry. I understand corporate business structure really well including local and international markets. 

I always keep myself involved in creative pursuits as a videographer. That spirit got me involved in a very interesting collaboration in Greece called “Reliving the Myth of Melissa Cave- MP9” in 2012. I ended up getting involved in the project as a digital artist and that project was a huge success for us.

The following year we did another project called “Poseidon’s Pull” - another global interactive project involving several artists from multiple countries.


Instead of machines interacting through complex codes like my previous 'interactive art' experience, this performance is based on interchangeable, roles switching human emotions through drama therapy. I continued to perform for the Dead White Zombies- a theater group produced and directed by Thomas and kept diving deeper through my own evolving Psyche as a performer. Following years I was cast as a 'mollusk' in 'DP92' then a shaman called 'Sabu' in 'Holy bone'. 









I am also a Media (Advertising) Consultant, where i help businesses to work on effective branding/ROI solutions to increase their bottom lines. I have a video production company named Astral Hawk Interactive - I work with Commercial/Automotive/Music videos/Wild Life Falconry Videos.