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Hybrid Diaries - Thomas Riccio

"Hybrid Diaries" are the series of interviews with common minded individuals with similar psycho/spiritual experiences.

Originally, it started as a documentary for my final BFA project named "transitions of Identities" at University of North Texas. Being a 'hybrid being' all my life, I was born in India and raised in 3 different countries. I could never understand the human emotional connection towards 'Conditional/political Patriotism'. I have always been gravitated towards the gypsy culture, the notion of mysterious passengers was always a fascinating idea to me, always wanted to know more about these 'passengers'. Humans with no sense of boundaries, roaming and evolving through Universe.

Earlier ideas of the project involved my travel back to Pakistan (the country i migrated from and spent 13 plus years living) to interview people who had originally migrated from India during 1947 independence riots. Documentary was based on series of personal questions, that led me to a strange one-sided political conversations in reality. After coming back to states I got diverted into other life entanglements. The documentary actually was missing 'narrative elements', it felt unfinished somehow. Finally after all those years that idea is still alive and vivid in my imagination and as an artist it is my calling to channel that energy back into the world.

I realized after all these years that It should be a continuation of human stories constantly changing and constantly evolving. Instead of properly produced documentary video, I want my listeners to engage into other things while listening to these series of podcast interviews. Stories of hybrids into all dimensions. Plan is to find people who can access the dormant side of their imagination and speak through their hearts

This podcast will be recorded and engineered with my fellow producer Vincent Martin.

Thomas has been a true mentor to me in every way. He is a professor of Theatrical studies / Interdisciplinary Media at University of Texas at Dallas. Besides taking classes from him, I have been involved with this guerrilla like theatrical group called Dead white zombies that mainly produces Interactive/Immersive performances across Dallas. Thomas has been traveling/migrating across the world for years. I had the pleasure to have a conversation with him about his evolution as a human being. *disclaimer this is an informal interview as we contemplate on life.

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