• Adnan Naseem Khan

Augury - a Digital Mythos

This theatrical performance utilizes areas of Arts/Science/Technology to demonstrate a mythical/shamanistic ritual, thus bridging the gap between consciousness and sub-consciousness(primal) human perception. Cultural dimensions will be illustrated through various staged rituals during the performance. Cross-platforming animal/human behavior with mindful meditation will be our interdisciplinary approach to establish peace. Sound design, Visual design, choreography, Projection mapping/ Biofeedback devices (Heart rate coherence- emwave2 , Brainwave programming- emotive ) will be applied during the performance. The four artists share there deeply connected roots with culture.The idea among these artists is “awakening consciousness” among living beings, and telling a story through observed/performed shamanistic rituals. Artists identify the need to access deeper reality of consciousness through science and technology. The core idea is to explore the perception of consciousness through an audiovisual experience. Themes would consist of cultures through animalistic body painted artists with projection mapping on them depicting the contemporary atrocities of the world. Eventually, the artists will end the performance with thoughtful meditation on stage projecting though their brainwave devices to demonstrate inner peace. It will be a choreographed performance among three artists representing different sides of their primal totemic existences (Bear, Hawk, Wolf)

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