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The Augury is conceived as an immersive performance that will work much like a modern initiation of a Global healing process. Using psychosomatic techniques, Augury aspires to bring its audience to a deeper awareness of self, consciousness, and responsibility to a world under environmental stress. Using the metaphor of Plato’s Cave, the project asserts that humanity is perceiving reality not as it is but as shadows created by inherited religious, philosophical, social, and cultural structures. Augury sees these cave shadows as manipulated illusions representing the world as limited and material. This perception has caused an alienation of the self, spirit, and the earth. With this awareness of humanity’s greater and potential self comes healing, and with healing comes empowerment.

Performance Locations

‘Drogarati Cave’ is the ideal location for Augury; its spatial dimensions, combined with its rich history and psychoacoustics, will maximize the effectiveness of the performance event. The cave is also perfect for an isolated and focused collective healing ritual nestled in the earth's womb. The cave location would incorporate the audience's traveling to the site and use travel to the cave as a preparation. For example, those traveling to the cave on a pathway would encounter flash appearances of performers and sound dialogues, psychosomatically setting the scene for events in the cave.

'Zeus Island' is another location introduced by the Ionian Center, as a possible Augury site. The isolation provided by an island substitutes the special enclosure. Augury must occur in an isolated and controlled environment. An island rendering of Augury would need to be adjusted to accommodate the water element with an emphasis on cleansing. An island-based Augury will have audiences travel by boat to the island. Nobody has ever performed on that Island, we will be the first group of artists.