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Augury is conceived as an immersive performance that will work much like a modern initiation of a Global healing process. Using psychosomatic techniques, Augury aspires to bring its audience to a deeper awareness of self, consciousness, and responsibility to a world under environmental stress. Using the metaphor of Plato’s Cave, the project asserts that humanity is perceiving reality not as it is but as shadows created by inherited religious, philosophical, social, and cultural structures. Augury sees these cave shadows as manipulated illusions representing the world as limited and material. This perception has caused an alienation of the self, spirit, and the earth. With this awareness of humanity’s greater and potential self comes healing, and with healing comes empowerment.



Augury is a four-phase performance inspired by “Allegory of the Cave”, it will explore humanity's evolution from shadows to enlightenment. Each phase represents the development of “Life Force” from primitive to modern and animal to human illustrating the metamorphosis into a spiritual being. Phase one will be the preparation that invites our audience from outside the performance space to the inside through psycho-acoustic-based sounds. The performers

will then prepare the audience for Phase two. This phase will explore the transitions from the reptilian mind of survival and mating to the human psyche's intricacies and depth. Phase three will be the first time the performers will verbally interact with the audience in a series of juxtaposing monologues challenging the core of the human ego. In phase four, audience members will be invited to participate in a healing ceremony bringing the collective

consciousness into the divine.




Throughout the performance, we will use Biofeedback as scientific evidence to illustrate the potential of human healing through breathwork and lowered brainwaves. We chose Heartmath’s “inner balance” device to measure  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain.


“HeartMath technology is an innovative approach to improving emotional

wellbeing to change your heart rhythm pattern to create physiological coherence; a

scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our mind,

emotions, and body.” – Institute of Heartmath

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is another aspect of this Immersive Performance. To make the performance accessible globally, We will be using 360-degree video cameras and VR Sound recorders for live streaming through YouTube/Facebook to make the performance seen and felt. This component will add Global immersion and will also be utilized in our documentary, which will be post-produced after the performance.

Performance Location


 ‘Drogarati Cave’ is the ideal location for Augury; its spatial dimensions, combined with its rich history and psychoacoustics, will maximize the effectiveness of the performance event. The cave is also perfect for an isolated and focused collective healing ritual nestled in the earth's womb.  The cave location would incorporate the audience's traveling to the site and use travel to the cave as a preparation. For example, those traveling to the cave on a pathway would encounter flash appearances of performers and sound dialogues, psychosomatically setting the scene for events in the cave.


'Zeus Island' is another location introduced by the Ionian Center, as a possible Augury site.  The isolation provided by an island substitutes the special enclosure. It is vital that Augury occurs in an isolated and controlled environment. An island rendering of Augury would need to be adjusted to accommodate the water element with an emphasis on cleansing. An island-based Augury will have audiences travel by boat to the island. Nobody has ever done a performance on that Island, we will be the first group of artists.










































Word to Sponsors


This performance has been in development for over 7 years. It was conceived right after Adnan’s first visit to Greece for his Interactive performance at the Melissani Lake/Cave in Kefalonia. In today’s post-Covid conditions, the world seems to have hit a reset button, people require to learn to heal themselves. Scientific evidence of human healing(meditation-based techniques) will be illustrated throughout the performance and in the documentary. Any technology used for this project will be displayed globally for the promotional/advertising needs of the respective sponsor. Without comprising the main theme of the project, the content could be modified around the product or service.  




Adnan Naseem Khan

Creator/ Producer / Director/ Performer – Augury












Adnan is a performance artist, a storyteller, a Grad student at the University of Texas at Dallas, and a global nomad. Growing up in four countries he has always been inquisitive about the human psyche, ritual studies, occult experiences, and esoteric sciences. Those interests led him to his involvement with collaborations and workshops all over the world ranging from mind sciences, energy healing, occult rituals, and divine ceremonies. His Interest in cave performances started through the project in Kefalonia, Greece at Lake Melissani Called “ MP9 ” in 2012 which was an interactive performance. The following year in 2013, He was involved in a project called “Poseidon’s Pull ”, an interactive representation of the Ionian waters with a team of global interactive artists. He has been involved with the immersive performance theatre group called, “Dead White Zombies”, in Dallas, TX since 2014. Immersive performances encapsulate all his artistic expressions into single psychological sessions where the audience and performers merge the boundaries of expectations.






Thomas Riccio

Theatrical Director/ Performer – Augury














Thomas is a post-disciplinary performance creator and Professor of Performance and Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. Previously: Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks; Artistic Director, Organic Theater, Chicago; Resident Director/Dramaturge, Cleveland Play House; Associate Literary Director, American Repertory Theatre. He has worked extensively in the area of ritual, shamanism, and indigenous performance, conducting research, workshops, and developing performances in Alaska, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Korea, India, Nepal, Kenya, Burkina Faso, and Ethiopia, among others. The Republic of Sakha (Siberia) declared him a “Cultural Hero.” He has published two books; his academic writings have appeared in numerous international journals. He was awarded the Onassis Foundation Distinction Prize in playwriting. He is the Poo Pah Doo of Dead White Zombies, a Dallas-based performance group that utilizes ritual, installation, and immersion expressions. He has worked extensively in the area of social robots, serving as Creative Director and writing robot characters such as Sophia for Hanson Robotics. 





Ran Jiao

Performance Artist –  Augury
















Ran is a theatre and performance maker based in Prague. She is graduating from the directing and dramaturgy MA program at DAMU. She is interested in “being” in theatre—being(or being with) a human, an object, a voice, an animal, a tree, or herself, and being together. She has worked as a performer, director, and dramaturge on many projects with various theatre companies in Prague including Spitfire Company, Farm in the Cave and PSC, etc, and has

performed in various festivals, such as Mala Inventura Festival, the Bazaar Festival, and Prague Quadrennial 2019. 





Vincent Martin

Sound Designer/Performer –  Augury
















Vincent is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, sound engineer, and therapeutic sound designer based in Dallas, TX. His musical journey for over 30 years has evolved his understanding of the ritualistic and esoteric aspects of music and its psychoacoustic effects on the mind, body, and soul. He has drawn from his ancestral roots in Native American culture participating in several, “Gathering of the Pipes Sundance Ceremony”, in Pipestone, MN

between 1995-2012. He is currently working on a 7 part composition utilizing Binaural Beat frequencies and various other musical entrainment therapies based on Pythagorean ratios for the “Harmony of the Spheres”.







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